Nothing but the Birds out There

July 26, 2015 Dorothy Gardening

Living on the same peaceful street for years, my mom had no complaints about her neighbors, until three years ago when one of them moved. The new neighbor was quiet enough, but he walked around his home in the buff, and my mom didn’t appreciate her occasional glimpses of him au naturel. She cast about for solutions, looking for an effective and economical intervention to screen her view. After a few days of research, she found her cost-effective solution: green walls.

She planted the hedge and it quickly established itself, its leafy cover sparing her from any more intimate glimpses of her neighbor. Privacy aside, the hedge provided another boon the following spring—nesting robins. So now when she looks out her window, especially in the spring, it’s with with anticipation rather than caution.


Remodeling In Your Home

July 18, 2015 Dorothy Home Improvement

When we decided one day that it was time to remodel our bathroom, I knew it would be a long task that would look great at the end. We started out by removing our toilets, vanities, bathtub and tile. We went and picked out the colors that we wanted to paint the walls and did that first. We then went back and purchased our new toilet, vanities and tile. We did all of that work on our own and enjoyed working together to have the new bathroom we always wanted.

We hired bathrooms Bolton to install a bath fitter after we picked out a design that would match our decor. They were very professional, affordable and did a wonderful job. We were very pleased on how the bathroom turned out and are now working on our basement bathroom as well.


Shoe Lounge tragedy

July 13, 2015 Dorothy Marketing

Robynn Nussbaum put her heart, soul and NCR pads into The Shoe Lounge. It was a small, yet elegant, haute couture footwear and accessory store she opened last November at Del Rayo Plaza across from Fairbanks Country Club.

An avid tri-athlete and marathon runner with three young children and four step-children, the 44-year-old Rancho Santa Fe resident had a passion for shoes. She dreamed for years of opening an upscale shoe outlet where local women could shop for the latest fashion footwear.

But the nurturing Nussbaum first wanted to raise her children through their early years. She wanted to make sure they had a mother’s guidance before embarking on their journey through school and life.

Nussbaum had a serious stumbling block, as well, on her own journey toward her field of dreams. She suffered a rare, serious, and painful form of cancer that struck quite suddenly and surprisingly.


Golf….Difficult to play?

July 11, 2015 Dorothy Sports

Golf is one of the oldest sports in World History and is known to be the only sport that requires its players to participant on a course that is perfectly manicured. A typical course contains 18 holes and requires its players to have not more than 14 golf clubs of varying lengths and sizes. Although knowing the rules of the game will help a player accomplish a great score he or she should also possess four characteristics; patience, stability, time, and great eye hand coordination. It is very important to possess these characteristics as these will help you avoid guiding your ball to a silica sand bunker.

Even though golf is a well liked sport world wide, there are few of us that dislike the game altogether. The reasons could be because its the most boring sport around and is a sport that many of us have no clue to what is going on.


Time To Patch The Driveway

July 6, 2015 Dorothy Home Improvement

I went to visit my sister a few weeks ago. The winter frost had made her driveway into an obstacle course. I knew we needed to talk, but had to choose the right time to bring up the issue. We were walking out to get the mail when I mentioned her driveway needed a few patches. She admitted this was true but had no idea how to fix it.

We talked about different options. She said it was important for the rainwater not to form puddles. I told her to patch with asphalt because it is a permeable paving material. It would allow the water to go through and into the ground.

Once she had a direction, she sat down and began calling paving companies. It only took a few hours to find a company that did patching with asphalt. She had it done the next day. Now I can visit my sister without worrying my car will fall into a giant hole in the driveway.